The ability to carry out tasks with vigour, alertness and ample energy reserve. Programs include Pilates, Golden Aerobics, Golden Pilates, V.I.N.C.E. - Very Independent ‘N Capturing Excellence (a rehab program), Cizing in Time (personalized programs) and Building Blasts By Barre (strengthening bones with pilates and music). Classes are tailored to the individuals’ experiences. (Private and semi-private classes are available) Getting actively involved, you will experience...

  • toned muscles

  • additional strength

  • endurance & flexibility

  • balance & co-ordination

  • core stability

  • body alignment

  • mind-body awareness.


A method of physical movement to stabilize the core, stretch, strengthen and balance the body.

Physical conditioning activities based on older adult principles to strengthen the heart and lungs and improve the body’s use of oxygen.  

Innovative programming for older adults and individuals living with chronic conditions to attain independence to the best of their ability and enhance the quality in their life.

Fun, motivating total body workout with movement to music incorporating pilates, fitness and dance principles. Use of the barre promotes strength, endurance and flexibility in a safe way to address the large range of potential limitations and injuries.


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