The Love, Hope, Thanksgiving Journal 

The LHT Journal values the untold
Highlighting today,tomorrow and the old.
The flexibility as a daily checklist and reflection,
Aims life’s journey towards perfection!


As a Daily Checklist
Days seem shorter and shorter without enough hours.
Our frustration levels rise as responsibilities pile into towers.
Thinking about and starting a to-do list the night before,
Empowers a restful sleep and minimizes stress galore!


Approaching a day’s activities with an energized brain,
Recognizes all small tasks, goals and wishes as a gain.
Attaining a sense of accomplishment, confidence and pride
You are heading towards life’s journey’s positive rewarding side!


As a Reflective Journal
Reflecting is engaging in a self-assessment and a review,
Of your personal experiences positive, challenging, old and new .
The event that happened you will have to write,
Along with your thoughts, and feelings in an honest light .


Then it is time to actively explore,
The rewarding results outweigh the chore.
Evaluate what went well and what did not,
Then engage in analysis to unravel the knot!


Look at your positive outcomes and areas to improve.
Consider an action plan with many strategies to move.
Be patient, honest and objective as you communicate,
The LHT Journal does not challenge, yet the stress will eradicate!

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