Nanna Feels Better Now tells a story of how an unexpected diagnosis of cancer surfaced in a family. As adults we understand how difficult it is to piece together the puzzling components of a chronic illness and yet maintain quality of life. How can children help and become an integral part of this process?


Our family shares this experience to help others in similar situations. Creative coping strategies come into play and we do not even think about the impact until we reflect on what has happened. Nanna’s reflections on the impact of her grandchildren throughout her journey with an uncommon form of breast cancer create this precious book.


Storytelling has always been valued by our family. In communicating a story we incorporate many different strategies to stimulate our creative thinking; reading the words; talking about the illustrations and about photographs; sharing ideas, wishes and wants; reminiscing about experiences; using analogies and comparisons are a few. Storytelling makes it easy to understand difficult ideas and concepts. In my practice as a nurse educator and consultant, storytelling is still the number one vehicle for learning.

Nanna’s experiences with Stephen and Olivia are rooted in the magical voices of Trysten and Eloria. The use of imagery and fantasy throughout Nanna’s heart-shared story empowers the magic of making dreams come true.

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