“’Life is a mystery, life is a miracle’ is a paradox that has taken me over five decades to understand, adapt and live peacefully with” is the way Rita explains her overall experience. “I have always been drawn to explaining life as a puzzle and creating a beautiful picture by interlocking all the right pieces. The mystery of life changes the pieces, and they do not always interlock easily.”

Experiencing an unexpected diagnosis of an invasive form of breast cancer in the prime of her retirement dream instilled not only anxiety and concern but also heightened hope, courage, faith, strength and love in the Talosi family. 

 “The unexpected occurs and the pieces are broken. A mystery. The broken pieces are not interlocking and the picture of my life is not so beautiful,” is the way Rita describes her experience. “The path outlined for me is one of the most mysterious journeys in my life. My loving and supportive Circle of Angels and being coached by a talented, (empathetic and compassionate) health-care team through a research-based treatment make my life the miracle I am today.”

As a registered nurse, nurse educator and practitioner, Rita has worked with many people in the different stages of health as well as trained many students on how to care for individuals along the continuum of life. “Being a nurse, an educator, a wife, a mother and a Nanna is very different from being a patient. All the strategies I have taught my family, my students and my patients to incorporate into their lives and enhance quality — I have now put to the test and can speak from the receiving end.”

In sharing her story, Rita hopes to assist others in similar situations, heighten pubic awareness to a life of chronicity and offer strategies to create beautiful MOSAICS of life! Interlocking piece by piece enhances quality in daily living even if the pieces are not perfect.

“My life’s mystery, my life’s miracle may be summarized in three words:

Love, Hope and Thanksgiving!”

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